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Outpatient Hip Replacement

After performing over 1400 anterior approach total hip replacements Dr. Dodgin has now started offering outpatient Total Hip Replacement surgery. By utilizing his minimally invasive surgical techniques perfected over the last 10 years Dr. Dodgin can safely allow a subset of patients to recover from their surgery in the comfort of their own home rather than spending multiple days in the hospital. There are many anticipated benefits of this surgery including:

  • The possibility of lower infection rates,
  • Faster functional recovery,
  • Potentially lower costs,
  • And the ability to rest and recover in your home rather than a hospital.

It is important to understand that some medical conditions are not conducive with outpatient surgery.

What to expect before surgery:

Dr. Dodgin will pre-prescribe your post-operative medications. These will include medications for pain control, nausea control, and DVT prophylaxis (to prevent blood clots).

Prepare your home for your arrival. Plan to have everything you need on the first floor of your home; medications, remote controls, books, beverages and snacks, etc.

You will be using a walking aide like a cane, walker, or crutches after surgery; take time to make sure you have cleared pathways free of obstacles that will make getting around your home with your walking aide more difficult and less safe.

Outpatient or home physical therapy will be discussed and arranged before surgery.

What to expect after surgery:

A therapist will conduct walker, crutch, and/or cane training and evaluate you for home safety prior to discharge.

Expect to be discharge home late afternoon or early evening.

Our office will call you daily over the first 3 days to check in. We will also have frequent communication with your home healthcare nurse/therapist.

You will be provided with the office phone number, the direct number to Dr. Dodgins Medical Assistant, as well as number to page the doctor if needed after hours.

Read about Dr. Dodgins first Outpatient Total Hip Replacement here.

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