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- Richard

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- Joy

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Everything has been wonderful since my surgery (Total Knee Replacement). I had a great doctor, the operation went great, the hospital was like a resort hotel, and the home health care was wonderful. I had been in pain for 10 years before the surgery and now I am pain free. I was walking the next day, using a crutch after 1 week, and back to walking normally even climbing ladders after a couple of weeks. I would recommend Dr. Heinrich and his staff, J.R. and Frank, to anyone.

- Richard B.

My hip replacement surgery was fairly easy for me and I was more than ready to have it done. I had difficulty sleeping comfortably and discomfort after walking long distances or playing golf. I was very happy with my surgery/hospital experience. The only downside was using a bedpan for the first time in my life! Once home, the home health care and pt helped me make a lot of progress in s short time before I moved on to physical therapy at a facility. Two and a half months later I rode a cart to play golf and from then on walked the golf course. Kudos to Dr. Heinrich who always took time to listen and answer any questions-plus his excellent surgical expertise!

- Sheryl H.

I am so very thankful to have found Dr. Dodgin. To have a total hip replacement at 37 was difficult to understand and digest. But Dr. Dodgin did a wonderful job helping me understand my treatment and options. My entire surgery and experience went very smoothly thanks to Dr. Dodgin and his great and friendly staff.

- Heather P.

Thank you very much Dr. Heinrich. For four years I was in pain thinking I was doing well (I thought)! I worked 12 hours on night shift as a nurse. Then I was at Carlsbad Caverns, slipped and lost my footing, my knee was not happy. When I got back to Austin I made an appt and saw Dr. Heinrich. My knee was in agony. I agreed (and asked for surgery, Right Total Knee Arthroplasty) done on 10-1-2012. My experience at St. Davids Medical Center was awesome. I had pain but no where the amount I thought I would have. I went on to do outpatient physical therapy and pool physical therapy. By 12-27-2012 I was back to work 12 hours shifts 3 nights a week. My co-workers and director thought I would have to retire. On Dec. 15th 2012 I did my first 5k with my family at Chandler Creek Park. I was unsure if I would make it but with my family all around me I did. That was my first, since then I have gone with them several other times. A side effect of my surgery has been that I have lost weight; 20lbs. which helped me get better control of my diabetes. I am very grateful to Dr. Heinrich and all his staff for my success. Thank you for being patient and kind to me!

- Josie

I began my sport's path as a tournament player and coach when I was first introduced at age 9 by my mother to tennis. After a long career as a Texas State high school doubles champion at Austin High School, Southwest Conference Team Championships and senior Captain at the University of Texas, Coach of the National Junior College Tennis Champions, and ranked #1 in the Open Men's Doubles in Texas, I have enjoyed many tournament and league victories. Even after sustaining a snapped quadriceps tendon in my right knee, I returned to tournament form. Then in 2006, I began to develop pain in my hip which severely limited my movement on the court even in doubles. I joked that I needed to find a partner who knew what "yours" meant. I knew where the ball was going, I just couldn't get there. I tried, without success, for some three years many different alternatives to surgery: acupuncture, cranial sacral adjustment, deep tissue release, and Prolozone injections (which seem to work on dogs, but didn't for me).

I finally contacted Dr. Matthew Heinrich at the Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin who said my right hip was terrible and my left hip was very bad! I said, "OK, but if I am going under, I am going under once." So, in November 2009 (Thanksgiving weekend) I had "minimal invasive, bilateral (both) hip replacement surgery." It was so successful that I was walking down the hall the day after surgery with the aid of a walker. I spent one week at Reliant Rehab facility. I had no need of any pain medication following surgery. Two months after surgery I returned to the tennis practice court, and one month later I won my first competitive tennis match in 3 1/2 years.

At 5 months following surgery (April 2010) I rode in my first charity bicycle ride, The Hill Country Ride for AIDS. I only attempted the 10 mile course because I had never ridden in a ride before. I finished in under 1 hour, which was nothing. In 2011, I completed the 53 mile course in 6 hours, and in 2012, I raised the bar again and completed the 70 mile course in 7 hours.

Now, in 2013, I am once again raising the bar even higher. On April 27th I will complete the 100 mile course at 76 1/2 years of age. Who knows what lies in store in the years ahead. In addition to my training on the road and in the gym, my sole energy source is what I call a Shaklee Sports nutrition cocktail consisting of Shaklee Performance, Physique, 180 Pomegranate Tea, 180 meal drink, and Energy Chews.

See you at the Finish Line at Reunion Ranch in Georgetown on April 27th.

I certainly want to thank Dr. Heinrich for enabling me to get back in the game and continue to compete at a high level.

- Laurence B

Dear Dr. Heinrich, JR, Frank, Catherine, Jeana, Allison, Rita and other members of your staff who helped me.

Thank you very much for the excellent care you have all provided to me. I feel very fortunate that my primary care physician referred me to you & that you were accepting new patients.

I am grateful for your knowledge; surgical skills, experience & expertise; kindness, compassion & patience; & the culture of excellence throughout your office & practice.

I greatly appreciate the patience each of you have had for my many questions & concerns, and the kind and unhurried manner with which I have always been treated.

Thank you so very much for replacing my hip. It is so much better than before, as you said it would be. I have had experience with several other orthopedic surgeons over my lifetime and you are, by far, the best. I will definitely recommend you to others.

With sincere appreciation for your excellent care,

- Mary E

Thank you so very much for all you have done for me. Really there are no words to express my gratitude for helping me to walk again. Also, I am grateful to your wonderful compadres (Ryan & Alison). Each of you will always hold a special place in my heart!!

- Cathy R

I have been a patient of Dr. Dodgin's for almost two years now, and from the first moment I met him, I knew he was the person to help me get my life back. Dr. Dodgin has not just been a physician and surgeon to me, he has become my friend and a motivating force in my life. When we met, my knees were in pretty bad shape with direct bone-on-bone contact (yes, sometimes you could literally hear my bones crunching together as I walked).

As I embarked on a weight loss journey, which I have since shed more than 80 pounds through, Dr. Dodgin helped make my knee pain as bearable as he could through the use of cortisone shots and medication. He encouraged me every step of the way on my journey. He listened and compassionately treated my ever-aching knees. He tried new medication when old ones had lost their effects. And, when the time came, he literally gave me my life back through my total knee replacement.

His surgical abilities are top-notch. My knee replacement was a complete success, and when the time comes, I won't hesitant having my other knee replaced with Dr. Dodgin. His team, care and bedside manner are unmatched. While there was some pain and discomfort with the surgery (though not nearly anything close to what I was expecting), I have never once regretted my decision to embark on this journey.

Post surgery, I did have some swelling due to the replacement, which did provide me with some discomfort. However, through in-home physical therapy and then outpatient therapy, I have found relief of my discomfort and now have full extension in my knee and am back up and moving.

Since the surgery, my life has begun to return to the way it was before I started having debilitating knee pain. I'm back to being able to partake in all-day family outings, where I don't have to worry that my knee will hurt so badly I can't participate. I'm back to grocery shopping--a task that had become too painful prior to surgery. I'm back to work now, and when I am done a long day's work, I am no longer exhausted from pain when I get home. It's only been three months since my surgery and I'm back to my normal self, and it's all thanks to Dr. Dodgin!

- Kathy P

I have been a patient of Drs. Heinrich, Ebert and Vagner for the past 5 years. On 7/1/2007 I was injured in a tractor shredder accident. I've had both hips replaced, a knee replacement and arm and ankle surgeries. My mobility is somewhat limited, but nothing could keep me away from hunting. Thanks to Orthopedic Specialists I'm able to enjoy hunting again.

- William Z

I have been an athlete most of my 68 yrs~played high school (Dalhart,TX) and college football (4 yrs at the University of New Mexico), was a competative masters distance runner for 25 yrs, and have played handball 3 X a wk for 30+ yrs. Ten yrs ago, I had to give up running due to the pain in both knees. I could, however, continue to play handball as long as I had a good partner to "carry" me!

After researching several orthopaedic surgeons on the internet and visiting with 4 of them, I found that Dr. Matthew Heinrich was able to answer all my many questions and felt totally confident in his abilities to perform my knee replacement surgery. I did receive a new knee from Dr. H in February 2010 and returned to the handball courts within 2 months!

In Summer 2013, I put the knee to an ultimate test...riding my bicycle from Anacortes, Washington to San Diego, California. I rode Pacific Hwys 1 and 101 along the coasts, climbing many and varied elevations with no pain or problems whatsoever...never had to rest my legs during my 40 straight days of riding and a total distance of 1700 miles!

........anticipating a LOT more handball and future biking adventures!!

Thank you, Dr. Heinrich, J.R., the great Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin & St. David's Hospital, Austin staffs for enabling me to remain an ACTIVE athlete!! Sincerely, Louis A.

- Kerrville, TX

I am now the Honorary Member of Kalahari Bushmen

I am standing only on one leg, on right leg I was operated upon and my hip replaced.
My left leg is lifted, my left hand is not touching a wall or door, my right hand is holding a stick – multi-colored parasol.
Compare my picture with picture of Bushmen at the end of this e-mail. I am actually maintaining even greater balance than them. Bushmen sticks are touching ground, my stick is above a ground, requiring a greater control of balance.
You don’t understand what is going on? Then read the beginning of the story starting after my picture.
Many speculations and theories exist trying to explain this birds’ behavior. To my surprise, also Australian Aborigines and Bushmen from Kalahari Desert are using the same technique.


Next week I will be trying to convince my surgeon and magician, Dr. David Dodgin that I can walk without a walker and can even walk without a cane. And if I can walk, I can also start driving my car.
So starting today, my two principal exercises will be to control balance on both of my legs:

  • standing on left leg only (easy)
  • standing on right leg only (not so easy, this leg was operated upon and right hip replaced)

When people ask you, with puzzling expression on their face:

“Why Ivan is standing on one leg like a bird?”

you can provide the accurate answer

Ivan Ivan

- Ivan


- Bill



- Dick



- Ralph

By the end of our Nov. 2014 trip to the Czech Republic it was obvious my knee would not survive our March trip to China. I was in trouble. I saw Dr. Heinrich on 12/19, just two weeks after returning home. I told him about our mid-March trip and asked what my options were. He was quite clear that I was out of options other than total replacement. I was concerned about the timeline but he said he could do the surgery the coming Monday (12/21).

Janet C.

My surgery was quite successful and the nurses and staff at St. David's were amazing! Dr. Heinrich's choice of St. David's is an excellent one. I faithfully worked on my PT and my regular follow-up visits to Dr. Heinrich were encouraging. I was ready on March 15 to board the plane for the exotic East.

China was everything we'd heard about and more. And our trip pace never slowed. I climbed to the third tower of the Great Wall. I walked Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Royal Palace, the Empress's Garden, the three cavernous displays of the Terra Cotta Army, countless streets, and multiple other temples and gardens.

I couldn't have done any of the China trip without my new knee. Thank you Dr. Heinrich for the excellent surgery, excellent care, and resulting ability to get back to enjoying life and seeking even more overseas adventures!

- Janet

Dr. Dodgin Did a Great Job

I’m a fairly active 58-year old who had been running 15-20 miles per week since college. About a year and a half ago, I started experiencing pain and reduced range of motion in my left hip. I tried physical therapy for three months, to no avail. I finally got tired of limping around and went to see Dr. Dodgin. He diagnosed my problem as osteoarthritis and discussed my options. Dr. Dodgin spent way more time discussing my treatment options with my wife and me than I would have expected from other orthopedic surgeons. Another orthopedist confirmed the diagnosis, but I went back to Dr. Dodgin because of his experience.

Based on my results, I would recommend that anyone needing a hip replacement consider the anterior approach. I had the surgery performed on a Monday morning, and I was walking with a walker that afternoon. I was walking up and down stairs the following morning, and was discharged that afternoon. I stopped taking the pain medication on Wednesday, and was working in my office the following Monday. After 4-5 physical therapy sessions, the therapist told me that I really didn’t need any more sessions.

I’m now at about ten weeks post-op, and I continue to do flexibility and strength exercises regularly. I really don’t even think about my hip much any more.

I wish I had done this a year ago.

- Phil A.

This past July, my Mom had full anterior hip replacement surgery with Dr. Dodgin. From beginning to end, the experience exceeded every hope and expectation.

The staff at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin and Dr. Dodgin’s staff in particular provided assistance and information in a professional, friendly, and timely manner. Appointments were scheduled at the best times for us, as we were driving in from Laredo, Texas.

Dr. Dodgin himself was outstanding! We were coming off a terrible experience with a Laredo surgeon who used screws that had to be removed seven months after the initial break, so I did extensive research before making a decision. Dr. Dodgin was very straightforward and willing to answer as many questions as needed for us to feel comfortable. He used clear and easy to understand terminology and never mystified the process. Going into the surgery, I knew my Mom was in the best possible hands with a surgeon who is involved, not only in using the most cutting edge technology in his area of specialization, but in developing it.

Dr. Dodgin himself called us after the surgery, and called us back when we had questions following the surgery. His P.A., Ryan, was also very helpful and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend Dr. Dodgin highly enough. He is very personable, caring, and highly skilled in his field.

We are 10 weeks post surgery, and my Mom has already begun walking around the track in our neighborhood without a cane or walker.

If you are looking at hip replacement, I don’t think you can do better than Dr. Dodgin.

- Ann.

Dr. Matt Heinrich replaced my husband's right knee 2 months ago. It was a very successful surgery. Yesterday we were, for the 1st time, again on the dance-floor. It was wonderful and my husband is not a spring chicken, he is 74. We greatly appreciate the excellent Doctor's work!

- Sigrid.

"That's me on the right, slightly winning the race! :) First time on my horse in over 2 years and only 6 1/2 weeks into my new right knee. All I can think is, when can we do the other one!!! Honestly, I could sing the praises all day long of Dr. Heinrich and the entire staff at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin."

- Marjorie.

"Dr. Heinrich is a blessing! His expert knowledge, quality service, and sincere caring staff are world class! I had total left hip replacement surgery on September 20, 2017. It was performed anterior. The surgery was performed at the Surgical center and I was released to return home that afternoon. Recovery has been amazing. Dr. Heinrich even personally phoned me the day after the surgery to check on my well being, and his staff follow up has been incredibly kind. Dr. Heinrich speaks with honesty and sincerely practices for the well being of the individual. My life has changed for the positive because of him."

- Michael O.

I cannot say enough about Dr Heinrich and his group. They took wonderful care of me and my replaced knee is strong and stable. I can even run!

- Jeffrey S.

I had one knee replaced last year by another surgeon and was not satisfied so I switched to Dr. Dodgin to have my other knee replaced this year. What a difference it was! All I can say is that if I had a third knee that needed fixed, I’d have Dr. Dodgin replace that one too!

- Barb P.

Dr. Greg Catlett is a wonderful doctor. 10+ I'm 75 and was in good health when my hip went out. I saw 7 doctors before him with no relief. Three months before surgery, I drank 60 ounces of water daily. I did 12 exercise, for the hip twice daily. I finally used a crutch two months before surgery and only used the crutch after surgery. I was released the following day after surgery, I was walking on my own at home; a cane when I went out. After 5 weeks, I was out of water rehab and off any kind of pain medication. Dr. Catlett did a fantastic job with minimal scar. After 6 weeks, I don't even think about my hip as it feels like my own. Dr. Catlett did have to adjust to my hip/leg to make them even with no limping. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Catlett. He gave me my life back.

- Suzanne S.

Five stars is not enough. Outstanding in every respect.

- Hank

At only 8 weeks out, James is doing fantastic!


- James

Doc Heinrich replaced both my hips and one knee almost 10 years ago. He is the best joint man on the planet. Today, for my 68th birthday I did a wall sit with 500 pounds in my lap. Yes he is that good. - Mike G.
Video: https://www.facebook.com/mike.gassaway/videos/1842057719163736/


- Mike G.

Excellent surgical results on my right hip replacement by Dr. Dodgin... He listens to concerns and gives straightforward answers, and everything he stated was accurate. (True that recovery works best when you know your job as well as his)... And now over 4 years later (I've had all four lower joints replaced), I walk without pain or assistance, hiked last year in Switzerland at age 75... and am so very grateful.


- Linder

Dr. Heinrich performed a stem cell procedure on my daughter, Samantha, in July 2018. Samantha is a competitive gymnast and her labral tear was extensive but the stem cell procedure Dr. Heinrich used on her hip has completely repaired her hip. Her 2019 season at level 9 was short but very strong. She competed in Westerns and received 3rd All Around. This year she is competing level 10 and is hopeful to join a college gymnastics team! We will find out more this summer. We want to thank you for everything you did for our daughter and let you know how it has turned out!


- Diana N

Dr. Heinrich replaced my left hip on 2/19/20. I've been most impressed, from the initial diagnosis through recovery. His office systems are stellar. Besides his incredible skill, his warm bedside manner pre and post op reassured me that I had chosen the right surgeon. Two months later I'm walking outside for 40 mins, up hills on uneven terrain. I couldn't be happier.

- Terry M

Dr. Dodgin has made my life so much better. I'm 73, my hip was a mess, and I was tired of being in constant pain. I had right anterior THR, and I've never regretted it for one second. I'm so thankful that I chose a very smart and caring doctor. I'm very particular about my doctors, and I can honestly say that Doctor Dodgin ROCKS! Thank you.

- Rhonda T

Dr. Heinrich and his team (Frank and Kim) have managed my ortho care for approximately six years. Initially, I was successfully managed with joint injections and PT. As my OA progressed, I lso participated in a research study involving stem cell therapy. Eventually I became a candidate for TKR. I appreciated the cautious and exhaustive approach prior to the recommendation to proceed with surgery. The surgery was uneventful and the facility amazing! I was up and walking with assistance a few hours after surgery and on the rowing machine and climbing stairs within 2 weeks. I'm now 3 years post-surgery and my mobility remains fantastic. In fact, I just finished a long weekend filled with several moderate to difficult canyon hikes. I can't say enough about the care and skill of Dr. Heinrich and his team. Highly recommended.

- Jude F

Thanks, Dr. Heinrich! I am now seven weeks post right hip replacement surgery and progressing very nicely toward my goal of walking 2 miles by the end of this year! At my age 84, you made it all seem very easy and while basically painless, I know this could have been very difficult. Thanks for your skill and your caring plus a wonderful staff!

- John K